Asseylum Vers Allusia
    Asseylum Vers Allusia

    Age: 15 (17 in 2nd cour)

    Height: 155 cm

    Birthdate: April 2

    Sign: Aries

    The Princess of the Vers Empire. She is very close to Slaine. She went to Earth on a goodwill visit, but her motorcade was attacked and she was presumed to have died. This assassination was used by the orbiting Martians as a casus belli for their invasion. However, the princess was ill that day and the person who died was a body double. Asseylum now travels with Inaho's group under a false identity until they can get a message back to her grandfather in hopes of stopping the rekindled war.

    Asseylum is an idealist and pacifist. She believes in peaceful solutions and she sees the people of the Earth in a good light. Unlike many of the Martians shown so far, she seems to treat the people of Earth as equal humans. Asseylum appears to be regretful of the actions that led to the Second Earth-Mars War between the Martians and the people of Earth, yet she feels that she has the responsibility to help stop the war.

    Asseylum is kind, caring, and compassionate, however she is also naive, believing that if her grandfather found out that she were still alive, that the war would end. Asseylum later realizes her naivety, and that certain people of VERS were only using her as an excuse to start a war with Earth.

    Asseylum seems to also have a bold and decisive side, she is not particularly guarded around others being quickly open and friendly. Asseylum seems to prioritize the safety of others over herself, and takes her position as the Princess of VERS seriously.


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