Argate Online

    Ongoing | 24 chapters
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    • After falling asleep while playing Argate Online, Takashi wakes up in-game but can't log-out
    • Strangely, Takashi is unfazed and rather excited he gets to live in his favorite fantasy world
    • Playing his samurai character Rikio, he eagerly goes on adventures to explore his new magical realm
    Izu Takashi was just playing the online game -Argate Online- like usual, but he suddenly noticed something strange, his level is now....!! Also he can not log out and the pain reduced funtion does not work.....






    SerializationAlpha Polis (Alphapolis)
    Last UpdatedAugust 31, 2019
    Other namesアルゲートオンライン
    Ongoing | New chapter every ~41 days
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    Chapter 22: Orc Extermination Operation (2)Aug 22, 2019more_horiz
      Chapter 21: Orc Extermination Operation (1)Aug 20, 2019more_horiz
        Chapter 20: A Rose That Can't BloomAug 19, 2019more_horiz
          Chapter 19: Black RoseAug 16, 2019more_horiz
            Chapter 18: Riding The Lightning Wave!Aug 15, 2019more_horiz
              Chapter 17.2: Queen, Dance On The Water Surface (Part 2)Apr 1, 2019more_horiz
                Chapter 17.1: Queen, Dance On The Water Surface (Part 1)Mar 5, 2019more_horiz
                  Chapter 16: No ReasonJan 15, 2019more_horiz
                    Chapter 15: Imprisoned WolfJan 2, 2019more_horiz
                      Chapter 14: Home Sweet HomeNov 6, 2018more_horiz
                        Chapter 13: A Place Where People GatherOct 12, 2018more_horiz
                          Chapter 12: Form Up! The Silver Wolf Squad!Aug 14, 2018more_horiz
                            Chapter 11.2Jul 20, 2018more_horiz
                              Chapter 11Jun 20, 2018more_horiz
                                Chapter 10: Clown's Commandment (2)May 15, 2018more_horiz
                                  Chapter 9: Clown's Commandment (1)May 9, 2018more_horiz
                                    Chapter 8: And so, time goes on in another worldApr 29, 2018more_horiz
                                      Chapter 7: Rikio InventsApr 27, 2018more_horiz
                                        Chapter 6: Battles Against Monsters (Second Half)Jan 4, 2018more_horiz
                                          Chapter 5: Subjugation (Part 1)Jan 2, 2018more_horiz
                                            Chapter 4: Welcome to The Adventurous Guild!Dec 8, 2017more_horiz
                                              Chapter 3Oct 12, 2017more_horiz
                                                Chapter 2Aug 15, 2017more_horiz
                                                  Chapter 1: Cheat Samurai Make His AppearanceAug 16, 2017more_horiz