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Kakeru Meguri is a second-year student at Minami Myojin Public High School who plays the character named Hellshaft in the VRMMORPG (Exodia Exodus). One day a player suddenly appear in front of his eyes, which turn out to be his popular beauty classmate Ririko Asagiri. She believes that if they defeat the demon king they will be able to return to the real world, in fact Kakeru knows that if a player dies in the game, their consciousness will disappear in the real world. To save an important person, Kakeru possesses the most powerful forbidden force, "Awaken Adult Mode".

Other Facts

Original PublisherKadokawa Shoten
SerializationDragon Age (Kadokawa Shoten)
Last Updated1 day ago
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesEcstasy Online, Ectasse Online, 엑스터스 온라인, エクスタス・オンライン


Chapter 15
1 day ago
Chapter 14January 3, 2019
Chapter 13October 26, 2018
Chapter 12September 1, 2018
Chapter 11August 10, 2018
Chapter 10July 27, 2018
Chapter 9July 13, 2018
Chapter 8July 6, 2018
Chapter 7May 26, 2018
Chapter 6May 16, 2018
Chapter 5December 27, 2017
Chapter 4December 8, 2017
Chapter 3December 8, 2017
Chapter 2December 8, 2017
Chapter 1December 8, 2017