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God x Myself x Brides

6 chapters | Completed | Rank 3626
When Haruma found a dilapidated shrine, he remembered his late grandmother’s warnings about always showing respects to the gods and fearing the repercussions, decided to clean it and leave an offering behind. Later that night, the god of the shrine, Aoba, pays him a visit…


Other Facts

SerializationLynx (Gentosha)
Last UpdatedSeptember 19, 2018
Other names様×俺サマ×お嫁様, Kamisama x Oresama x Oyomesama


Chapter Extra [END]September 19, 2018
Chapter 5January 3, 2018
Chapter 4January 3, 2018
Chapter 3November 14, 2017
Chapter 2September 19, 2017
Chapter 1September 11, 2017