Ikenie Touhyou

    Completed | 70 chapters
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    • Minato is a high school girl whose whole class is invited to participate in a mysterious mobile game
    • Minato votes to determine who in the class receives "social death" unaware of the fatal consequences
    • A psychological horror story in which a high school class forcibly participates in a deadly ballot
    Minato lives a meek but passable high school life. This all changed when an application named "Sacrificial Ballot" appeared on her phone one night, forcing her to vote for a person from her class. Whoever "sacrificed" was said to be given "social death."

    Being upset with her classmate Kana who never bothers to reply to her messages, Minato voted for her without a second thought. When the result was announced the following day, it became clear that the one vote she casted caused Kana to become the most voted person in the class. Thinking the sacrificial ballot as no more than a prank, the class quickly dismissed any uneasiness raised. Little did class 2-C know, this was simply the start of a series of disturbingly immoral events...






    PublishedDec 18, 2015 to ?
    Serializatione Young Magazine
    Last UpdatedMay 6, 2019
    Other names生贄投票
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