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Magic (old) Girl Fairytale Kururu

1 chapters | Completed | Rank 16624
The Heavenly Spirit Cosmos transformed schoolgirl Kurumizawa Kururu into the powerful Magical Girl "Fairytale Kururu" to fight the "Nacht Geist"......20 years ago!
One of a sequence of oneshots written by KOJIMA Akira from late 2008 to early 2009 between the completion of Mahoraba and the beginning of his next serialised works Wa and Manabiya.

Other Facts

Last UpdatedSeptember 21, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names魔法元少女メルヘンクルル, Magic (former) Girl Fairytale Kururu, Magical (old) Girl Fairytale Kururu, Magical Former Girl Marchen Kururu, Mahou moto Shoujo Meruhen Kururu


Chapter 0 [Oneshot]September 21, 2017