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Inside a crowded train, a punk boy, You, is for some reason protected by a (dotekaku kakkou ii) B-boy. The B-boy, Makino, carries away with him a precious 'stone' that You had unknowingly dropped. He comes to ask You, who had ended up moving in Makino's home after much confusion, if he has any memory of himself. Has he met Makino is the past?! You was is shock, but…


Other Facts

Published2009 to 2012
Last UpdatedJune 7, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesB x P Anx, B×P Anx


Chapter 7: [END]June 3, 2018
Chapter 6June 3, 2018
Chapter 5June 3, 2018
Chapter 4June 3, 2018
Chapter 3June 3, 2018
Chapter 2June 3, 2018
Chapter 1October 20, 2017
Chapter 0October 20, 2017