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Itoshi no Momonga Kareshi

7 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 11687
After helping an unusual kid, Tsukasa’s unrequited love interest Kairi becomes a squirrel. This happens because Tsukasa makes a love request to the mountain god saying, “I want to always be with Kairi”! Now both must stick together and figure out how Kairi can revert back to his human body…

Other Facts

Last UpdatedOctober 21, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesいとしのモモンガ彼氏, Itoshi mo Momonga Kareshi


Chapter 7October 21, 2017
Chapter 6October 21, 2017
Chapter 5October 21, 2017
Chapter 4October 21, 2017
Chapter 3October 21, 2017
Chapter 2October 21, 2017
Chapter 1October 21, 2017