Mad Cinderella

    Ongoing | 27 chapters
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    • Despite their different lifestyles, Teijin Sakuichi and Ryouta Kishi were close childhood friends
    • Sakuichi had to go study abroad, but he proposed to Ryouta before leaving for years with no contact
    • Sakuichi suddenly appears before Ryouta, and he wants to keep his promise from years before
    Teijin Sakuichi was born in a house of one of Japan's leading conglomerates while Ryouta Kishi was born and raised in a common household and lived a rather crude lifestyle. Despite this difference, they were neighbors and childhood friends that grew up together. However in the winter of their third year in middle school, Sakuichi proposed to Ryouta before going to study abroad. Years later, having no contact, Sakuichi suddenly appears before Ryota completely changed. Has Sakuichi forgotten all about Ryouta and their proposal!?

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    PublishedAug 2, 2010 to Jan 31, 2015
    SerializationHertZ, ihr HertZ
    Original PublisherTaiyo Tosho
    English PublisherDigital Manga Guild
    Last UpdatedJune 21, 2018
    Other namesMad Cinderella, マッドシンデレラ
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