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Junai Twitter

5 chapters | Completed | Rank 7458
1) Jun'ai Twitter
Reona gets into Twitter. Today, she looks at her beloved Tokuda-senpai again, while Mori-senpai worries as usual...
At that time, her followers increase and... and that, no way, that's Tokuda-senpai!?
And when she thinks she can now get all ...♥ with Tokuda-senpai without any hindrances, Mori-senpai is unusually nice. And Reona, who Mori-senpai is worrying about...!?

2) Onna no ko wa mainichi tatakatteiru

3) Nigai atashi to amai kimi

4) Ashita, Kimi to koi shiteru


Other Facts

Serialized InSho-comi (Shogakukan)
Last UpdatedJanuary 5, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesJun Ai Twitter, Jun-Ai Twitter, Pure Love Twitter, Twiitataan rakkaani, 純愛ツイッター


Vol.1 Chapter 5: [End]January 5, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 4January 5, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 3January 5, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 2January 5, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 1January 5, 2018