Ongoing | 52 chapters
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    • Children, known as parasite are trained to pilot weapon called "FRANXX" to fight robotic invaders
    • Hiro, a former parasite believes he is now worthless, that is until he meets a bold half-breed
    • In the middle of a dystopian world are two misfits with an unlikely connection
    With the attainment of magmatic fuel, humanity destroys the Earth’s surface with excavations, and soon they create the plant-less “Plantations”. But one day, monsters known as “Klaxosaurs” started to rampage Earth, prompting humanity to create piloted robot weapons known as “FRANXX”.

    Hiro’s real name is Code 016, and he was born and raised in the “Garden,” where children are cultivated to be perfect paired pilots for the FRANXX and combat the Klaxosaurs. He and his friends lived with that being their only purpose -- if they fail, they’re deemed useless. After failing to be compatible with his partner, Hiro falls into despair and finds a mysterious girl with horns asking him to be her “darling” partner!






    PublishedJan 14, 2018 to ?
    SerializationShounen Jump + (Shueisha)
    Last Updated16 minutes ago
    Other namesダリフラ, ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキス, DariFura, DarliFra, Любимый во Франксе
    Ongoing | New chapter every ~18 days
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    Vol.6 Chapter 52
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