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Maohritsu Chu-boss Yousei Academia

5 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 1349
This is a tale back from the time when humans and demons fought over the world.

The demon king commanded not only the common demons, but also, the so called “mid-bosses”, demons with considerable power, that he deployed in strategic points.

However, these mid-bosses kept getting defeated by the heroes, who continued to grow in strength with time. Which led to the demon king’s army needing to produce even stronger mid-bosses.
It was at that time that a certain demon stepped up.
Demonstrating great wit, she became the founder of the demon world's mid-boss training academy.


Other Facts

SerializationComic Earth Star (Earth Star Entertainment)
Last UpdatedDecember 17, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names魔王立中ボス養成アカデミア, Demon Lady Boss Training Accademia, Maou Osamu boss training academy, Maouritsu Chuu-boss Yousei Academia


Chapter 4.5: Twitter Extra @chutopandaDecember 17, 2018
Chapter 4December 2, 2018
Chapter 3June 23, 2018
Chapter 2March 24, 2018
Chapter 1March 2, 2018