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Eiyuu no Musume to Shite Umarekawatta Eiyuu wa Futatabi Eiyuu o Mezasu

7 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 440
Reid, a hero who lost his life during in a fight with a devil, was reincarnated as a daughter of a married couple who were his fellow comrades!?
Although he was reborn as a baby again, with “as expected, I couldn’t breast accept milk from my former fellow comrade” in her mind, she refused to receive the breast milk from her new mother who was her former fellow comrade. As the result, she grew into a weak beautiful little girl.
However, Reid realized that the daughter of the hero and the saint could become stronger than anyone. With the experience of her previous life and the talent from her new parents, she had a dream to become a magical swordsman, and also aimed to become a hero again.


Other Facts

Last UpdatedJanuary 4, 2019
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesEiyuu no Musume Toshite Umarekawatta Eiyuu wa Futatabi Eiyuu wo Mezasu, Eiyuu no Musume Toshite Umarekawatta Eiyuu wa Futatabi Eiyuu o Mezasu, Eiyū no Musume Toshite Umarekawatta Eiyū wa Futatabi Eiyū o Mezasu, The hero Who Was Reborn as a Daughter of the Heroes Aims to Become a Hero again, 英雄 の 娘 として 生まれ変わっ た 英雄


Chapter 4.2: God's GiftsJanuary 4, 2019
Chapter 4.1: God's GiftsDecember 7, 2018
Chapter 3.2: A Hero's ImageNovember 17, 2018
Chapter 3.1: A Hero's ImageNovember 3, 2018
Chapter 2: The First OutingOctober 2, 2018
Chapter 1: Resuming LifeSeptember 5, 2018
Chapter 0March 7, 2018