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Ballad x Opera

2 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 3878
An angel and a demon who're conducting a mission on earth end up killing a human named Haruto by mistake. Haruto, who has no reason to live, accepts death... But for some inexplicable reason, his soul can't go to heaven and he becomes a wandering soul. With a mission to accomplish and the guilt of having killed someone weighing heavily on him, the angel asks Haruto to become a Shinigami and help them out. In exchange, he promises to give Haruto something that will change his ‘life’ and his future forever.

Other Facts

Serialized In (magazine)Asuka (Kadokawa Shoten)
Last UpdatedNovember 2, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesバラッド×オペラ, Ballad Opera