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Agreement of the Glass Shoe

12 chapters | Completed | Rank 11158
On Princess Raine's birthday, her parents give her a pair of matching pendant charms. They were dainty glass shoes and Raine wears them on a visit to another castle with his father. She befriends a sad boy in the palace garden and is overjoyed when he promises to be her prince in the future. But before they could introduce themselves to each other, Raine is called away by his father. The boy, left alone, vows to find the princess using a pendant of a glass shoe she had accidentally dropped and left behind.

9 years later, can these two still find each other and keep their promise?

Other Facts

SerializationMon Mon
Last UpdatedApril 6, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesBo Li Xie Zhi Yue, 玻璃鞋之约, Ước hẹn giày thủy tinh, Giày Thủy Tinh


Vol.2 Chapter 12: [End]April 6, 2018
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