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Clear Skies!

46 chapters | Completed | Rank 10700
Vol.1-2: Mainichi Seiten!
On a particular night, an unexpected guest suddenly turned up outside science fiction magazine editor, Obinata Taiga and his family's home! The person was actually Asuoo Shuu, who had married their elder sister; the dictator of the family, and since became their brother-in-law. What's even more incredible is that he is not only the writer that Taiga is responsible for, but was also Taiga's high school classmate! But, just when everyone was vehemently expressing their objection to Asuoo, they received news that their all-important sister has gone missing! Out of ideas, Taiga had no choice but to let Shuu stay on, they could only wait until their sister comes back to decide everything!

Vol.3-4: Kodomo wa Tomaranai
Continuing on the story of the Obinata household from Mainichi Seiten, the focus this time is on the two youngest members, Yuuta and Mayumi.

Vol.5: Children's Time
Continuation of Yuuta's and Mayumi's story.

Vol.6-7: Kodomo no Iibun----Aki-chan no Iibun
Peace seemed to have finally found its way into the Obinata household, but through an unexpected turn of events, Shuu and his adopted son, Yuuta, are faced with a disagreement that might change their forever. When their respective lovers, the eldest Obinata brother Taiga and Mayumi, the youngest, are dragged into their conflict, and Yuuta runs away from home, the whole family's living arrangement gets off balance. Will the peaceful days ever return?

Vol.8: Isoganaide
After Yuuta and Shuu reconciled and the children returned home, new trouble is on its way. This time it involves the quiet second eldest brother, Akinobu, and the hot-blooded head of the house, Taiga.

Vol.9-10: Hanaya no Nikai de
This time, the focus is on the second eldest brother in the family from Mainichi Seiten — the bespectacled Akinobu who wakes up one morning in an unfamiliar bed with someone most familiar and unexpected.


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Other Facts

English PublisherJuné
Original PublisherTokuma Shoten
SerializationChara (Tokuma Shoten)
Last UpdatedApril 9, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names子供の言い分, 毎日晴天! , Mainichi Seiten! , Mainichi Seiten, Mainichi Seiten Series, Kodomo wa Tomaranai, Children's Time, Kodomo no Iibun, Aki-chan no Iibun, Isoganaide, Hanaya no Nikai de, 子供は止まらない, チルドレンズ・タイム, 子供の言い分, いそがないで。, 花屋の二階で, Sunny Everyday!, Isoga Naide, Kids Will Not Stop


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Vol.10 Chapter 42: Hanaya no Nikai de: Scene 10 [End]April 9, 2018
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Vol.10 Chapter 41: Hanaya no Nikai de: Scene 7April 9, 2018
Vol.10 Chapter 40: Hanaya no Nikai de: Scene 6April 9, 2018
Vol.9 Chapter 39: Hanaya no Nikai de: Scene 5April 9, 2018
Vol.9 Chapter 38: Hanaya no Nikai de: Scene 4April 9, 2018
Vol.9 Chapter 37: Hanaya no Nikai de: Scene 3April 9, 2018
Vol.9 Chapter 36: Hanaya no Nikai de: Scene 2April 9, 2018
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Vol.8 Chapter 34: Isoganaide: Scene 5April 9, 2018
Vol.8 Chapter 33: Isoganaide: Scene 4April 9, 2018
Vol.8 Chapter 32: Isoganaide: Scene 3April 9, 2018
Vol.8 Chapter 31: Isoganaide: Scene 2April 9, 2018
Vol.8 Chapter 30: Isoganaide: Scene 1April 9, 2018
Vol.7 Side Story: Aki-chan no IibunApril 9, 2018
Vol.7 Chapter 29: Kodomo no Iibun: Scene 9April 9, 2018
Vol.7 Chapter 29: Kodomo no Iibun: Scene 9April 9, 2018
Vol.7 Chapter 28: Kodomo no Iibun: Scene 8April 9, 2018
Vol.7 Chapter 27: Kodomo no Iibun: Scene 7April 9, 2018
Vol.7 Chapter 26: Kodomo no Iibun: Scene 6April 9, 2018
Vol.6 Chapter 25: Kodomo no Iibun: Scene 5April 9, 2018
Vol.6 Chapter 24: Kodomo no Iibun: Scene 4April 9, 2018
Vol.6 Chapter 23: Kodomo no Iibun: Scene 3April 9, 2018
Vol.6 Chapter 22: Kodomo no Iibun: Scene 2April 9, 2018
Vol.6 Chapter 21: Kodomo no Iibun: Scene 1April 9, 2018
Vol.5 Chapter 20: Children’s Time: Scene 4April 9, 2018
Vol.5 Chapter 19: Children’s Time: Scene 3April 9, 2018
Vol.5 Chapter 18: Children’s Time: Scene 2April 9, 2018
Vol.5 Chapter 17: Children’s Time: Scene 1April 9, 2018
Vol.4 Chapter 16: Kodomo wa Tomaranai: Scene 8April 9, 2018
Vol.4 Chapter 15: Kodomo wa Tomaranai: Scene 7April 9, 2018
Vol.4 Chapter 14: Kodomo wa Tomaranai: Scene 6April 9, 2018
Vol.4 Chapter 13: Kodomo wa Tomaranai: Scene 5April 9, 2018
Vol.3 Chapter 12: Kodomo wa Tomaranai: Scene 4April 9, 2018
Vol.3 Chapter 11: Kodomo wa Tomaranai: Scene 3April 9, 2018
Vol.3 Chapter 10: Kodomo wa Tomaranai: Scene 2April 9, 2018
Vol.3 Chapter 9: Kodomo wa Tomaranai: Scene 1April 9, 2018
Vol.2 Chapter 8: Mainichi Seiten Scene 8April 9, 2018
Vol.2 Chapter 7: Mainichi Seiten Scene 7April 9, 2018
Vol.2 Chapter 6: Mainichi Seiten Scene 6April 9, 2018
Vol.2 Chapter 5: Mainichi Seiten Scene 5April 9, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Mainichi Seiten Scene 4April 9, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 3: Mainichi Seiten Scene 3April 9, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 2: Mainichi Seiten Scene 2April 9, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 1: Mainichi Seiten Scene 1April 9, 2018