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Datte, Oishii no ga Warui.

5 chapters | Completed | Rank 6784
Consists of five delicious short stories.
1. Smoking Room
2. Yumeutsutsu Break Room
Suzuki, who wakes up as usual, comes face to face with a stranger who says “I was just eating your dream”. This man, who shows up from time to time, now makes him crazy disgusting coffee. But being told his dreams are beautiful and delicious, Suzuki’s heart melts bit by bit.
3. Ibitsu na Kutsuzoko
4. Nonfiction Red
5. Kimi no Tsukue de Odoru Boku


Other Facts

PublishedNov 11, 2014 to Jul 30, 2015
Last UpdatedApril 9, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesSmoking Room, Yumeutsutsu Break Room, Ibitsu na Kutsuzoko, Nonfiction Red, Kimi no Tsukue de Odoru Boku, Since delicious things are bad., だって、美味しいのが悪い。