Wand of Fortune
Wand of Fortune

Wand of Fortune

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Romance, Harem, Fantasy, Shoujo
"This wand will bring you 'fortune', I'm sure." Lulu is an incredibly positive girl, who is overflowing with dreams and hopes. She aspires to become a magician after falling in love with her grandmother's magic. However, she was not born with an 'element', like everyone else who is able to use magic, which becomes a hurdle for her to achieve her dream. In the world renowned "Mils Clare Academy", in the magic capital Latium, Lulu goes through daily struggles to harness an inner element. Friends with peculiar characteristics begin to gather around her. Every day she seems to find herself involved in all kinds of happy(?) trouble. Based on the incredibly popular otome game by Otomate, Wand of Fortune is now reintroduced in manga format.
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Kurofune Momo (Libre Shuppan)
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