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Hiota no Kanojo ga Ore no Motteru Eroge ni Kyoumi Shinshin Nanda ga......

2 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 6056
Odagiri Kazuma, an average boy with a love for erotic dating games, is used to hiding his hobbies and being told to go out more by his childhood friend, Shinomiya Ruri. All Odagiri wants though is to find a girl that also likes eroge, but he knows that’s impossible.

To his shock, one day the school’s ace and beauty, Misaki Honoka, finds out his secret hobby! Instead of reporting him though, she suddenly confesses that she wants to be his girlfriend and wants to be dominated by him and kissed by him! Odagiri agrees after Misaki seems okay with the fact that he’s an otaku -- as a matter of fact, she wants to know more about eroge and have him teach her how to be the erotic girlfriend of his dreams…!

Other Facts

SerializationDragon Age (Kadokawa)
Last UpdatedJune 11, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesI'm Curious About Eroge My Non-Otaku Classmate Girl Has...., 非オタの彼女が俺の持ってるエロゲに興味津々なんだが……, 非宅女友竟然对我的18X游戏兴趣满满, 非オタの彼女が俺の持ってるエロゲに興味津々なんだが……, Hiota no Kanojo ga Ore no Motteru Eroge ni Kyoumi Shinshin Nan Daga......


Vol.1 Chapter 2June 11, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 1April 18, 2018