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Black Panther and Sweet 16

28 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 3443
The world’s most dangerous boy makes his debut! Our heroine, Taiga, transfers schools and meets a dangerous black panther boy, Anri. And unexpectedly, that Anri actually does ○○○…!?

A risque manga not for the faint of heart! You have been warned ♡


Taiga moves into the city and meets a boy at an abandoned house. Later, he ends up kissing as "thanks," to which she responds by slapping him and running off.

The next day, at her first day at her new school, she find out that the boy also goes to her school and is the super popular Anri, who publicly declares himself her pet.


Other Facts

English PublisherKodansha Comics
Original PublisherKodansha
Last UpdatedJuly 30, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names黑豹与16岁, 黒豹と16歳, Black Panther & Sixteen, Black Panther and Sweet 16, Kurohyou to 16-sai, Black Panther and Sixteen