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Distorted Dual

1 chapters | Completed | Rank 16229
Despite the danger, Kaname runs to his friend Takechiyo’s house when he saw it on fire. Instead of his friend, the one he encountered was a cat demon.
The next day, Kaname sees Takechiyo again, alive and unharmed… but his friend has become a different person. Kaname finds out the truth when he encounters the cat demon again…

Other Facts

Original PublisherMedia Factory
PublishedJan 15, 2013
SerializationComic Gene (Media Factory)
Last UpdatedApril 22, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names歪の半神, 歪(ひずみ)の半神(デュアル), Hizumi no Dual, Hizumi no Hanshin


Chapter: OneshotApril 22, 2018