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Age Called Blue

8 chapters | Completed | Rank 17259
Follows two friends, Billy and Nick. These boys have been living as roommates while doing everything they can to promote their band, “The Rebels.” Billy has been harboring feelings for Nick for some time, but hasn’t yet found the nerve to try and move their relationship beyond the boundaries of normal friendship. In the world of struggling artists, trouble is always on the horizon, and is soon to rear its head as the other members of the band grow tired of Nick’s free-thinking and easy-going ways. They want the “hippy” out of the band, leaving Billy with a heart-wrenching choice: Should he follow his life-long desire to make music, a career he’s thrown countless hours of time into? Or, should he side with the boy who stole his heart long ago, his true best friend, Nick?


Other Facts

English PublisherDigital Manga Guild, Net Comics
Original PublisherTokyo Mangasha
PublishedFeb 2008
SerializationBGM, Catalogue Series
Last UpdatedJune 29, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesエイジ・コールド・ブルー, Age Cold Blue, Eiji Called Blue, Eiji Cold Blue, Eiji Koorudo Buruu, La Llamada Edad Azul, 理代子和高校生, 에이지 콜드 블루, 輕狂年代, Eiji Kōrudo Burū