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Ijiwaru Shinai de

2 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 4818
When Katou confesses to his co-worker, Serizawa, he’s immediately rejected and told he’s disgusting. But when Katou starts crying and says he likes Serizawa anyway, he changes his mind and agrees to date him!

From then on, Serizawa starts hanging around Katou and teasing him, making him blush at every opportunity. Is Katou really a match against the cruel teasing of his new cool, smooth boyfriend?

Other Facts

Original PublisherEnterbrain
SerializationB's-Lovey Recottia
Last UpdatedJune 3, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesいじわるしないで, 请不要戏弄我了, 请别使坏


Vol.1 Chapter 2June 3, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 1May 19, 2018