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Isekai de Saikyou no Tsue ni Tensei shita Ore ga Iyagaru Shoujo wo Muriyari Mahou Shoujo ni P suru!

1 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 5545
Niimi Reiji is a huge fan of the magical girl series “Charming Luluna” despite being an adult man. After inviting his friend and his daughter Kosumosu to watch a Charming Luluna movie, he dies pushing her out of the way of an incoming truck.

When he awakes, he’s suddenly being summoned by a strange woman who reincarnates him as a magic wand! She has given him huge omnipotent power, but Niimi sees reincarnation into a magical world useless unless there’s magical girls! Luckily for him, a girl has just so happened to wonder by, and she needs help getting rid of a monster! Thus begins Niimi’s new mission to make her into a magical girl…!

Other Facts

Original PublisherSquare Enix
SerializationShounen Gangan
Last UpdatedMay 20, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names異世界で最強の杖に転生した俺が嫌がる少女をムリヤリ魔法少女にPする!, Reincarnated as a the strongest wand, I'm forcing a girl who hates me to be a magical girl