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Ageku no Hate no Kanon

2 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 7292
The world has been invaded by aliens and most of mankind was driven underground, but in a town where it rains incessantly, a young girl named Kanon Kouzuki has other things on her mind. Being one of the few civilians to remain living and working aboveground, she is now reunited with her unrequited love turned alien fighting celebrity Sousuke Sakai. Her eyes now completely fixated on him, she starts to notice new things about her loved one. Will he be the same boy she fell for once upon a time, or will he have turned into a completely different person?


Other Facts

Original PublisherShogakukan
PublishedAug 27, 2015 to Feb 27, 2018
SerializationGekkan! Spirits
Last UpdatedSeptember 7, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesあげくの果てのカノン, 我的单恋比世界危机更重要, And He Arrived at the Kanon, Kanon in the End


Vol.1 Chapter 2September 7, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 1June 8, 2018