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Love Live! dj: μ's ATTACKS!

5 chapters | Completed | Rank 16375
A series of one-shots centering around the hilarious and ecchi antics of the μ’s girls.

“Honoraba of Love”
Nico muses to Eli and Nozomi about Honoka’s honest and positive nature, and wants to show her it’s okay to cry too. So she ends up slapping Honoka to make her cry, sparking a “war” between the girls that has Honoka tied up BDSM-style.

“Woman / Pretty / Kotori”
After witnessing Arisa and Umi kiss, Kotori gets curious about what kissing between two girls is like. The next day, she’s alone in a hot room with Eli when Eli starts unbuttoning her shirt...

“NicoMaki Rouge Magic”
Nozomi starts recording the girls of the group in secret, and shows them the videos. What ends up being discovered is Nico and Maki’s secret relationship.

“Please Give Me the Pelmeni of Love”
The girls plan a surprise party for Eli, and it’s Nozomi’s job to distract her while the others get ready. However, both the distraction and the surprise party itself don’t exactly work out as planned…

“Bikini Sports Kayochin”
Hanayo is worried about her weight, so Maki and Rin take her to a heated pool to help her slim down. The girls, however, have ulterior motives: they want to show off Hanayo’s charm and cuteness!

Other Facts

Last UpdatedJune 19, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesLove Live! dj - μ's ATTACKS!, μ's ATTACKS! - Honoraba of Love, μ's ATTACKS! - Woman/Pretty/Kotori, NicoMaki Rouge Magic, Please Give Me The Pelmeni of Love, Bikini Sports Kayochin