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Carefree Ocean Club

1 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 13969
Xie Yuxia, a girl from Chengdu, has always yearned for and loved the ocean. However, having been born in inland China, she hasn't been able to see it for her entire childhood; but that might just change when her family moves to Guangzhou for work! Upon starting at her new school, she jumps at the chance to establish the Ocean Interest and Research Club with Hainan-native fishing expert Hu Shan, marine biology specialist Wu Zhi from Guangzhou, and the English foreigner (as well as full-time foodie) Li Xiaoping. Although the three all hail from different places, that doesn't stop them getting into all sorts of strange and quirky predicaments as they "research" the ocean and conduct club activities together. However, with the way their activities are going, it seems that it might take quite a while for Xie Yuxia to actually fulfill her dream of seeing the place where land meets sea for herself…

Other Facts

Last UpdatedJune 25, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names悠闲海洋社, Ocean! I coming!


Chapter 1June 25, 2018