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Gensou Suikoden dj: The Dawn of Morning

1 chapters | Completed | Rank 15757
The Dawn of Morning' is mainly a Gensou Suikoden I doujinshi, but characters from Gensou Suikoden II & III make appearences as well. In one story, we find out what Mathiu really does with Odessa's earring after you give it to him, and in another, Camille will stop at nothing to get back the money Gremio owes her. There's even a whole chapter dedicated to Kasumi, Meg and Millie discussing clothes. And finally, the Liberation Army is getting too big for it's castle, and some up the liberators end up having to share beds... I'd reccomend this doujin to any Suikoden fan and even people who have never played Suikoden, on account of 2 Dimension Corp's art being so nice.


Other Facts

Last UpdatedJuly 5, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesGensou Suikoden dj - Yoake no Sora, Suikoden dj - The Dawn of Morning, Gensou Suikoden - The Dawn of Morning (Doujinshi), よあけのそら


Chapter: OneshotJuly 5, 2018