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Bai Jiu Nan Chan

7 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 16080
In the future world, technology runs the universe. An intelligent robot committed many mistakes as he did not fully trust human beings. As his punishment, he lost his job and was sent back into the ancient times. However, the device had accidentally brought him back to Ancient China, where he met a cold yet beautiful snake demon. A series of stories unfold as the two were brought together by fate...


Other Facts

Original Publisher 大角虫漫画
Last UpdatedJuly 10, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesWhite Wine is Tough, 白酒难缠


Chapter 7July 10, 2018
Chapter 6July 10, 2018
Chapter 5July 10, 2018
Chapter 4July 10, 2018
Chapter 3July 10, 2018
Chapter 2July 10, 2018
Chapter 1July 10, 2018