Woman of Blue Blood
Woman of Blue Blood

Woman of Blue Blood

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Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Drama
Teen actress Xiaoxiao is living a dual life, literally. With her family against the path of showbiz, 19-year-old Lu Meng Xiao disguises herself whenever she faces the celebrity spotlight. Upon visiting her relative's house to meet her fiance, Meng Xiao is bewildered at finding the handsome actor Mu Ling Fei standing before her eyes. To add to the surprise, her talent agency's CEO Ye Feng makes an entrance as well! Living with two identities, Meng Xiao learns the true personalities of two reputable boys when the cameras aren't rolling, two people who seem to want to catch her heart. Can Meng Xiao and Xiaoxiao keep up with their hectic lives without cracking under pressure? Which version of Meng Xiao will prevail?
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