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Bai Ze's Bizarre Collection

9 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 4280
In Mu Jin university, Bai Ze is pretty-faced freshman who could hardly say 'no' to his seniors, or any favor asked of him for that matter. Which is why he didn't mind helping a fellow student Xu Mu carry her absurdly packed belongings to her dorm. When Xu Mu goes looking to return his dropped ID, she finds the seemingly gullible and timid Bai Ze in a different state, and battling a demon spirit to boot.

With his secret occupation revealed, Bai Ze makes a deal with Mu to be her bodyguard from Xu demons, in exchange for keeping -her- secret guilty pleasure safe. Xu Mu's obsession is not one for the feint of heart, and this time, it's Xu Mu who can't refuse an offer.

Other Facts

Original PublisherAC.QQ
Last Updated2 days ago
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesBai Ze's Bizarre Records, Bai Ze’s Bizarre Collection, 白泽异闻录