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Hands Off!: Don't Call Us Angels

11 chapters | Completed | Rank 13611
Kiba has a special gift to see the future with a single touch, but due to this power, he doesn't like to touch people - especially Udou. Meanwhile, Udou has been using his powers in unsavory ways and Kiba is in deep denial about his...until circumstances bring them together to deal with an all-consuming problem that might bring harm to those they love!


Other Facts

English PublisherViz
Original PublisherKadokawa Shoten
SerializationShoujo Teikoku
Last UpdatedAugust 4, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesDon't Call Us Angels, Far From Angels, We're Called Angels, Hands Off! Don’t Call Us Angels, Ore-tachi o Tenshi to Yobu na, Oretachi wo Tenshi to Yobuna


Vol.2 Don't Call Us Devils [END]August 4, 2018
Vol.2 Final ActAugust 4, 2018
Vol.2 Act 7August 4, 2018
Vol.2 Act 6August 4, 2018
Vol.2 Act 5August 4, 2018
Vol.2 Characters and StoryAugust 4, 2018
Vol.1 Don't Call Us DevilsAugust 4, 2018
Vol.1 Act 4August 4, 2018
Vol.1 Act 3August 4, 2018
Vol.1 Act 2August 4, 2018
Vol.1 Act 1August 4, 2018