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Kafuka Koufukuron

7 chapters | Completed | Rank 5849
A 5 million debt suddenly befalls on cash-strapped student, Kamijou Yuuki.
It’s because of his father that he went through many hardships, and he goes to drink in desperation. When he comes to, he’s on a bed full of ¥10,000 bills and a half naked man―?!

After waking up, the man even says “I’ll give you the money”.
Confused, Yuuki escapes and goes home, but he re-encounters the mysterious man, Nao.

“I’ll give you the money, so let’s have sex. Think of it as physical labor.” Nao says, but what does Yuuki do?



Other Facts

Last UpdatedOctober 26, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesYes No Happiness, Theory of a Possible Happiness, 可不可幸福論


Chapter 6.5 [END]October 26, 2018
Chapter 6October 14, 2018
Chapter 5October 4, 2018
Chapter 4September 24, 2018
Chapter 3September 24, 2018
Chapter 2September 24, 2018
Chapter 1September 24, 2018