A Callous Chairman's Summer

    Ongoing | 33 chapters
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    • Gu Yi Ru joins a company and falls for a very pretentious contract
    • In the fine print, she's forced to obey her bosses', Qi Xing Chen's, every command
    • A surprising story about a strange yet binding relationship with dramatic undertones
    Gu Yi Ru causes a blunder on her first day of work at Star Group Company, and at the arrival of the chief at that. She comes face to face with the imposing Qi Xing Chen, who offers her a choice to personally work for her to cover the damage, and Gu Yi Ru hastily agrees.

    In between the fine print, Qu Yi Ru misses one important point in the contract she had just signed; to obey his boss' every command. When Xing Chen announces to that she will be his lover, Gu Yi throws a fit and storms out. Too bad for her, since Xing Chen has wealth and connections to keep her at bay and even threatens her own father. Gu Yi Ru finds herself yet again at Star Group Company, ready to give Xing Chen a piece of her mind, but little does she know the mischievous young chief is already expecting her return.






    Last UpdatedJuly 14, 2019
    Other namesA Callous Chairman’s Summer, 冷酷总裁的夏天
    Ongoing | New chapter every ~13 days
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