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Kuma to Interi

9 chapters | Completed | Rank 10984
Collection of interconnecting oneshots:

1) Con Te (With You)
A waiter, Neri, working in a high-end restaurant likes intellectual gentlemen and is currently involved in a "sexual relationship" with a third-class politician. Will the politican ever become the gentleman Neri prefers?

2) Orso e Intellettuale (Bear and Intellectual)
A politican and a photographer meet during a holiday. But is the photographer really what he said he is?

3) Manifesto

4) Discorso del Gelato (Discussion of Ice Cream)

5) Uomo che è stato Inseguito (Man who was Chased)

6) La Camera del Primo Pomeriggio

7) Sigaro (Cigar)

8) Ricco e Riparatore (Rich and Repairer)

9) Kuroyama-san no Nioi (Kuroyama-san's Scent)

Other Facts

Last UpdatedSeptember 25, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesBear and Intellectual, Orso e Intellettuale, Con Te, With You, Manifesto, Discorso del Gelato, Discussion of Ice Cream, Uomo che è stato Inseguito, Man who was Chased, La Camera del Primo Pomeriggio, The room of Early Afternoon, Sigaro, Cigar, Ricco e Riparatore, Rich man and Repairman, Kuroyama-san no Nioi, Kuroyama-san's Scent