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Kuma to Interi

9 chapters | Completed | Rank 17383
Collection of inter-connected oneshots:

1) Con Te (With You)
A waiter, Neri, working in a high-end restaurant likes intellectual gentlemen and is currently involved in a "sexual relationship" with a third-class politician. Will the politician ever become the gentleman Neri prefers?

2) Orso e Intellettuale (Bear and Intellectual)
A politician and a photographer meet during a holiday. But is the photographer really what he said he is?

3) Manifesto
A middle-aged man encounters a stranger persistently vandalizing campaign posters in a dark alley.

4) Discorso del Gelato (Discussion of Ice Cream)
Three men conversing about different stages of relationships; from preferences, to having relationships, and eventually, tying the knot.

5) Uomo che è stato Inseguito (Man who was Chased)
Pressures of keeping a straight facade for a political figure can be stressful. Thankfully there is ice cream to cool down one's nerves.

6) La Camera del Primo Pomeriggio (Afternoon Room)
Being accepted by your gay lover's family can bring an overwhelming feeling of relief and joy.

7) Sigaro (Cigar)
Not all law-breakers look like delinquents.

8) Ricco e Riparatore (Rich and Repairer)
There can be unexpected ways to be repaid for a job well done.

9) Kuroyama-san no Nioi (Kuroyama-san's Scent)
There are just some small details that you don't mind to overlook.

Other Facts

Last UpdatedSeptember 25, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesBear and Intellectual, Orso e Intellettuale, Con Te, With You, Manifesto, Discorso del Gelato, Discussion of Ice Cream, Uomo che è stato Inseguito, Man who was Chased, La Camera del Primo Pomeriggio, The room of Early Afternoon, Sigaro, Cigar, Ricco e Riparatore, Rich man and Repairman, Kuroyama-san no Nioi, Kuroyama-san's Scent