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Amato Amaro

9 chapters | Completed | Rank 17137
Economist Vittorio Conti wants to see what having sex with a man is like, and does what any reasonable person would do in his situation: ask his bodyguard if he wants to give it a try. Straightlaced Armando Pagani refuses at first, but for how much longer?

1) La Scorta (The Escort)

2) Gino e Vittorio (Gino and Vittorio)

3) Amato Amaro (Beloved Bitter)

4) Bandoliera (Bandolier)

5) Differenza (Difference)

6) Tatuaggio (Tattoo)

7) Partita (Match/Game)

8) Gelateria di Marcello (Marcello's Gelateria)

9) Carraro no Hishio (Carraro's Private Secretary)

Other Facts

Last UpdatedOctober 11, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesBeloved Bitter, La Scorta, The Escort, Gino e Vittorio, Gino and Vittorio, Bandoliera, Bandolier, Differenza, Difference, Tatuaggio, Tattoo, Partita, Match/Game, Gelateria di Marcello, Marcello's Gelateria, Carraro no Hishio, Carroro's Private Secretary