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1. Gakuen Baby
Komachi was disqualified from the "Elite Class," and thus was sent to the "Specialty Class," where people who excel at art, show business, and sports are. Not used to the new environment and finding her only redeeming quality to be studying, she finds her confidence fading, and having the star sprinter Oosaki Hiro enter the school isn't helping at all...or at least she thought so.

2. Amefuri Himawari
Ai was dumped because of her intense motherlike tendencies. On the same day, a rainy one, her strange classmate Fujieda lent her an umbrella. Every rainy day, Ai would come to the school extra early and find Fujieda sleeping in the classroom. Fun times are shared between the two and Ai finds herself being drawn in as Fujieda shows no signs of annoyance towards her attitude. What's more, she accidentally finds out that Fujieda helps out in his family's flower shop.

3. Diamond Beat
Satsuki was born in an elite and famous family who specialises in classical music. Unlike her family, her voice isn't suited for the opera, finding her voice more suitable for rock. In school, she is suddenly forced to sing in front of the students together with a band and then forced to join the Light Music Club. All this because of the band's popular guitarist Ogata Kiichi.

One-shot version of Diamond Beat.

4. Edelweiss no Saku Asa ni
Nachi's best friend Ayumi died in a car accident. But after a week, Nachi's spirit visits her, saying that she couldn't go to heaven because she has something left undone. Ayumi quickly assumed it was because she wasn't able to confess her love to Hirose. The problem is: Ayumi also likes Hirose.

Other Facts

Original PublisherShogakukan
PublishedAug 26, 2009
Last UpdatedOctober 24, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesAme furi Himawari, Amefuri Himawari, Diamond Beat, Edelweiss no Saku Asa ni, Gakuen Baby