Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines

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Comedy, School Life, Drama, Slice of Life, Shounen Ai, Sports
1-2) Parallel Lines + Rise Line Ichiya, a young gay man, falls in love with the adorable Minato, as soon as he enters fashion school. Alas, next to Minato there's Jirou, an annoying guy with a goatee! The competition between Ichiya and Jirou to get Minato's favor starts! Or that's what they thought... But as they keep spending time together and bickering, Ichiya starts to think he's the only one allowed to criticize Jirou. Are the two rivals falling in love with each other...? 3) If you say my name... A high-school junior discovers a freshman practicing boxing in his favorite quiet place in a park. Since then, the two boys meet up at lunch time... but don't know anything about each other - not even the other person's name. One day, the freshman kisses him. Suddenly, there's a growing urge to know more about each other... and to call the other's name. 4) Fly Straight to the sky Makita Shou has a problem, and that problem is Nakanishi Yuuichi. Yuuichi is smart, hot, and good at pole vaulting. Shou likes having a rival, but he can't catch up to this one! When Shou fails a test and Yuuichi suddenly offers to help him study, the two begin a friendship... until Yuuichi kisses him?! 5) Caffe Latte Letter + Extras Tane-san owns a cafe and makes a superb cafe latte that looks as good as it tastes. One day, a man named Kotarou walks into the cafe and Tane has feelings again after a year of being without....
Moegi Yukue
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Jun 2010 to Nov 2011
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