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Chiaki Sakaguchi appears to be a sociable, popular high school senior, but he carries a dark secret with him that he can tell no one about – not even his closest friends. When Chiaki meets fellow student Eiji Yukimura – an under-achieving social misfit – for the first time, he believes he’s found someone who can understand his inner pain. As the two become closer, Chiaki learns that Eiji has a secret also – a secret so dark, it threatens to overshadow his own. United by common dysfunction and angst, Chiaki and Eiji begin to search for pleasure together beyond their pain. Will the pair’s growing bond enable them to break free of their troubled pasts and create a brighter future? Or is the damage that’s been done to both of them beyond any healing that love can provide?

Other Facts

Last UpdatedFebruary 11, 2019
Other namesKesik, Порез, カット, 街角的祝福


Chapter 5.5 [END]February 11, 2019
Chapter 5February 11, 2019
Chapter 4February 11, 2019
Chapter 3February 11, 2019
Chapter 2February 11, 2019
Chapter 1February 11, 2019