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Magic (Reiko Shimizu)

3 chapters | Completed | Rank 4629
First story: "Magic" is set in the futuristic 2200's at the edge of the galaxy. Super model Kana has died in a space ship accident when she traveled to a planet on the edge of the galaxy. Her daughter was found 3 years after the magnetic storm has rested. A distant relative of Kana's adopted the young child, who was a former boyfriend of Kana's. Years later, Kana's child has grown up to be a teenager.

Second story: "Silent" is set in modern Japan. A teenage boy is seeking revenge for his brother who was murdered by gangsters. He rides on his bicycle, approaches each of his enemy and then pulls out his pistol. No one is supposed to find out but someone notices him.

Other Facts

Last UpdatedFebruary 11, 2019
Other namesSilence, 奇蹟 MAGIC, MAGIC, Silent


Chapter 3: Silent [END]February 11, 2019
Chapter 2: Magic 2February 11, 2019
Chapter 1: Magic 1February 11, 2019