Akuma no Puzzle
Akuma no Puzzle

Akuma no Puzzle

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Supernatural, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo
A collection of short stories: 1. Akuma no Puzzle Kanna’s everyday routine includes being spoiled like a real princess by her childhood friend Ritsu who lives in the same mansion. But one night, when the two of them are walking alone outside, a demon escaping to the world of humans possesses Ritsu! He is completely transformed by the invading demon, puzzling everyone around him and Kanna most of all. 2. Kare to Kanojo to + 1 (Him and Her, Plus One) Sagara Akihito is a successful teacher with a cool image. One day, a girl enters his apartment and tells him she's his daughter. 3. Karigami no Himegimi (Karigami Princess) In a country considered to be God's miniature garden, royal member Princess Leia is defying customs and refuses to be part of the kingdom's annual sacrifice. Her bodyguard Kyle seems to be too intent on keeping her safe. 4. Shichigatsu no Hanayome (July Bride) Kazusa Tsunami walks out of a marriage interview and grabs the first man she sees, a janitor. She tells her father that she has promised herself to the janitor.
Akira Hagio
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Jun 10, 2003 to May 10, 2010
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