Ongoing | 37 chapters
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    • Student Shuto is excited to have the apartment for himself now that his parents work overseas
    • But there's a twist: he must take care of a little girl who belongs to her parents' colleague
    • Now he and five-year old Chiho will live together for three months in a cute and heartwarming story
    High school student Shuto is looking forward to being free and at ease while his parents are working overseas. Only problem is, things don't exactly go as planned when he finds a 5 year old girl in his house. As it turns out, the girl's mother is a colleague of his parents and is traveling overseas with them and has left her daughter in his care for the next 3 months!! Cute antics to follow.






    PublishedOct 2, 2015 to ?
    SerializationTonari no Young Jump
    Last Updated5 days ago
    Other names100 Days!!, ひゃくにちかん!!
    Ongoing | New chapter every ~17 days
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