I Can’t Sleep Alone

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      This is a collection of stories written by eight popular horror manga artists.

      1) Welcome to the World of the Picture-book by Arai Kiyoko
      Yuri hates her life. A strange picture-book appears and Yuri envies the girl in the story...

      2) I Want You Close by Oobayashi Miyuki
      Riko can see ghosts. She decides to help a boy ghost in her classroom. But then she finds out who he is...

      3) I See a Hen by Ono Eriko
      Etsumi always takes advantage of Mika's kindness. They have to care for the school hen, Ko-ko. Careless Etsumi forgets to lock the cage...

      4) Forest of Memory by Takamiya Satoru
      Tomori Asabika awakens in a strangely empty house. Then a boy dressed in black appears at her front door and helps her awaken memories--memories she doesn't want to recall...

      5) The Show-off Ghost by Kumazaki Shinko
      Amiri Kazuke and her Mystery Research Committee are aided by girl ghost Mamoka. Latest case: a mysterious molester on a train. Their lead: a boy ghost wearing a green raincoat...

      6) Message S.O.S. by Komuro Eiko
      Miyuu Fujiwara is excited with Ai, her new pen-friend. Ai is smart and caring. When she mets a guy that she dumped, Ai tells her to not go on the date, but Miyuu says that it will be alright. Later Miyuu finds out that she is being stalked. Will Ai be able to help her?

      7) Me Inside the Mirror by Kagari Junko
      Saitou has no friends. One day she passes by a mirror shop and the owner asks her if she wants a mirror. She says that she hates them since she always looks gloomy, but the owner tells her that he has what she needs.

      8) Doll Shop by Yamada Sakura
      Meg wants to look beautiful like the other girls in her class. One day she passes by the park and mets a beautiful girl, who tells her that they should both go to the "Doll Shop"






      Last UpdatedJuly 27, 2017
      Other namesI Can't Sleep Alone, Welcome to the World of the Picture-Book, I Want You Close, Forest of Memory, The Show-Off Ghost, Message S.O.S., Message SOS, Me Inside the Mirror, Doll Shop, I See a Hen
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