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Comedy, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life
  • Every character is single and looking for love unintentionally
  • A series of events lead each protagonist to their special someone for life
  • A collection of 8 series of short stories, mostly about romance with appropriate dashes of humour
A collection of 8 series of short stories, mostly about romance with appropriate dashes of humour. 1) Itou-san Numerous brief comics about the life of a single 28-year old known to readers only as Itou-san, and her day-to-day interactions with a colleague whom she later dates. 2) Sensei+ An ordinary 25-year old schoolteacher meets a man who claims he can use magic, and goes on to ask her to return the magic she's borrowed from him, although she has no memory of such a thing. But when she uses magic, she turns into a magical girl instead?! 3) Hajimari Masakazu meets his new step-sister for the first time. She's his age, and what's more, she's really cute. He's not really sure how he should handle this new addition in his life... 4) High & High Being a tall girl is problematic in so many ways. This is a short comic about a tall girl who laments her height. But with her even taller boyfriend now, she wonders if his height is the only reason she's dating him. 5) Doukei no Ie About a couple living in a ninja mansion. It would be the most awesome house if not for the fact that it is crawling with all sorts of booby traps and secret passageways - a pain to live in. What will come of the quarrel between the two over the decision to buy over and live in the mansion? 6) Chocolate Cake What does it mean when your husband suddenly buys a chocolate cake home on any other ordinary day? 7) Futari no Deai no Hanashi Kouhei fondly recalls how his love with Saitou started out - the awkward silences, nervous waiting, embarrassed smiles, and what it all finally led to. Based on a true story. 8) Bluff Harada is well known for her big mouth in rattling off all the faults of her seniors in the girls' volleyball club. But is there more than meets the eye? And how will the tension between Harada and the senior girls finally be resolved?
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Dec 22, 2009
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