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The protagonist of the series is the lecherous Ikko Satonaka, who transforms into a super-monk (being able to perform mass exorcisms) by his lust for the girls he lives with. He lives in the Saienji Temple as a Buddhist priest in training with six other nuns: Haruka Amanogawa, Sumi Ikuina, Hinata and Sakura Sugai, Chitose Nanbu and Yuuko Atouda, each of whom represents one of the bosatsu of the six lower realms of the traditional Buddhist cosmology. A side effect of Ikkou using his ultimate power is that immediately afterwards he turns into an even bigger pervert than he normally is. The subject matter of the series is Ikkou's self-destructive power and the powers of the other nuns and their training to control these powers, as well as their (mostly non-romantic) relationships.


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Other Facts

PublishedMar 25, 2004 to Feb 24, 2007
SerializationComic Gum
Last UpdatedJuly 19, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesAmaenaideyo!!, Ah My Buddha, Amaenaide yo!!, Don't Act So Spoiled!!, T'abuses Ikkô!