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Hachiouji Takamichi, born into a "hunter" family responsible for protecting humans from demons and monsters, lost her beloved older twin brother when she was young. Taking over his role as the heir to the family business, she lost herself in her work as a hunter and cut away ties with others, preferring to be left alone. At age 13, though, Takamichi's father forced her to begin taking care of two half-wolf/half-human puppies that were abandoned. In their family, it was traditional to take on a half-animal as a loyal servant called "jiujiu" to help during hunts.

Despite her continued protests that she did not need any help, 3 years pass and Setsu and Yuugure, her wolves have remained by her side. Now that they are older though, they seem to have become more difficult to take care of...


Other Facts

PublishedDec 20, 2008 to Jun 25, 2012
SerializationHana to Yume
Last UpdatedSeptember 26, 2018
Other namesJiujiu, Jiu-Jiu, JIUJIU - Jujuu, JIUJIU - Jyujyuu, Juujuu, Jiujiu: Jujuu, JIUJIU -獣従-