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Jounetsu Kakumei

6 chapters | Completed | Rank 8530
1. Jounetsu Kakumei
Goutokuji's problem is this: he goes on a rampage every time he gets excited. When it comes to doing H stuff, he might hurt his loving lover, Kitami! Although he desperately holds his passionate heart in check, one night, Kitami confesses that he wants to do it with Goutokuji!? A state of emergency appears for sexy salarymen!

2. Rainbow Record
The outgoing Takashi and the shy Asou are co-workers at a record store; but they are also lovers. Takashi is a passionate fan of the rock band Jetnumbers; is his passion for the band deeper than his passion for his lover?

3. Song of Beginning
Kentarou has been living with the writer Kazuki for more than a year; from the beginning it was always Kentarou that chased after Kazuki. Kentarou cannot stand feeling unloved anymore, and moves home to his parents. But is he really unloved?!

4. Mayutsuba After School
Kunikome is a soccer-head... all he cares about is playing soccer. When his mom finds out his grades are in the single digits, she signs him up for an intensive after-school tutor class. Kunikome and his teacher have friction from the first class... but then one day, something happens that makes Kunikome study like crazy to get revenge on the tutor. But is his motivation really revenge?

5. Extra
Extra for Jounetsu Kakumei and 4 panel extras for the other three stories


Other Facts

Last UpdatedJuly 21, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names情熱革命