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Kakedashita Cupid

7 chapters | Completed | Rank 10592
Story 01: The Cupid Who Ran Off:
Mayumi is a shy high school girl who watches Yamano from the other side of the fence after school; she loves the exhilarating moment when he high jumps and is flying through the blue sky. She can see it even when she closes her eyes. But is she so intent on watching Yamano-kun... that she doesn't notice that he's watching her, too?

Story 02: I Can Hear the Footsteps:
Shizuka's charm bracelet comes with a condition: She can have any wish she wants if she can suppress her favorite thing for two months. Her wish is to be a more grown up woman, but handsome, and surprisingly childish classmate Naoto may make that impossible.

Story 03: Peter Pan I Love You:
When flighty Eri accidentally injuries Takumi's hand she finds out what a sexist he is. He thinks girls are loud, spoiled, and cry easily. Eri is determined to prove him wrong. Is Takumi a jerk, or could he secretly be a nice guy?

Story 04: Of Course I Can't Wait Until Nightfall:
Haruka's grades have been falling, and she's pretty sure she knows the reason: Her new stepbrother and affectionate lover Tsukasa. To keep herself from being distracted, Haruka imposes a no kissing rule on Tsukasa. But he's not going to give up without a fight...



Other Facts

Published2000 to ?
Last UpdatedJune 3, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesThe Cupid Who Ran Off, The Cupid Who Ran Off, 駆けだしたCupid〈キューピッド〉, Kakedashita Kyuupiddo