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Kanon (Chiho Saito)

16 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 9794
After being belittled by a famous composer, Gen Mikami, Tendou Kawahara, a budding composer goes to a secluded town of Mongolia, Cojr in search for inspiration. He meets Kanon, a Japanese girl with an untamed, freedom loving spirit, talented in playing violin. When her sick mother dies leaving her with the knowledge that her Japanese father is alive, she leaves with Tendou to become a true musician so that her real father comes to hear her music.

In Japan, she lives with Tendou who tries to tame her and bring her talent out. However, Mikami discovers her and wants her for himself as a musician, Tendou is challenged to produce such music to impress him to forget her. Mikami shows that he is a better teacher in bringing out her talent then, Tendou decides to quit and move to US not before he enrolls her into a boarding music school whose manager she later discovers is none other than the hateful Mikami. She is left alone to find her father and deal with the cruel and arrogant Mikami.


Other Facts

Published1995 to 1997
SerializationFlowers (Monthly)
Last UpdatedMay 30, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesKanon, 花音―かのん―