Kawaii Joushi wo Komarasetai

    Ongoing | 41 chapters
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    • Company vice-director Ira Megumi wakes up in bed with her insolent co-worker Aoki Shun
    • As a workaholic, Megumi detests Aoki's easygoing attitude, but now she can't resist his odd charm
    • All thanks to a drinking party, Megumi and Aoki's office life now includes romance and witty banter
    After drinking too much at a company party, the serious and shy 30-something Ira Megumi finds herself waking up naked in bed next to a younger coworker, Aoki Shun. What happened with Aoki the previous night? And perhaps more importantly, what does she want to happen with Aoki in the future?






    PublishedApr 22, 2015
    SerializationManga Time Special
    Last UpdatedApril 21, 2019
    Other namesI want to annoy the pretty boss., I want to bother my cute boss with questions., Kawaii Joushi o Komarasetai, 귀여운 상사를 난처하게 만들고 싶어, 想让可愛的上司为我困扰, 可愛い上司を困らせたい
    Ongoing | New chapter every ~43 days
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